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S.K. Industries are manufacturers and exporters of Threaded Rods, Threaded Bars from India.

Threaded rods are a hardware solution for a variety of construction and plumbing projects, functioning as a sturdy and reliable fastener. Use a threaded bar to join together wood and metal, serving as a secure pin between the two pieces. These rods are commonly used as anchor bolts, clamps, U-bolts or hangers. They feature threading on both ends for versatility in their application.

A stainless steel threaded rod is sturdy enough to use for projects where rusting may occur and painting isn't required. These rods are zinc plated, which helps resist rust and gives the rod a sleek finish. Use them on treated wood or in corrosive environments, and they'll hold up well and deliver the durability you need for your project.

These threaded metal rods come in a variety of diameters and lengths, making them suitable for various projects. We have rods as short as 1 foot and as long as 6 feet, so you can shop with your project needs in mind.


DIN 975 Grade: GR - 4.6/4.8/8.8 Thread: METRIC 6G,8G / Dimensional Range: M6 TO M64 UPTO 3 MTR
DIN 976-A Grade: GR - 4.6/4.8/8.8 Thread:    UNC/UNF-2A     Dimensional Range: L 1/2" TO 21./2" UPTO 3 MTR

S.K. Industries

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SK Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that specializes in the manufacturing of spring washers, spring lock washers, flat washer, plain washers including brass & copper washers. They have a strong presence in the Indian market and supply their products to industries such as automobiles, oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation, electrical, engineering and construction etc. SK Industries is reputed exporter of fasteners, threaded rods, studs, rivets, tractor linkage parts & components and sheet metal parts etc. We have a wide distribution network and export of products to different countries across the globe